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Rishikesh: A Hiker’s Haven

For hikers all over, Rishikesh is soon becoming the most popular adventure destination. People from all walks of life visit Rishikesh to gain a first hand experience of hiking. The place itself is considered a land of beauty with green forests on either side divided by the powerful Ganga. Although, Rishikesh is primarily known as a religious destination, owing to the numerous temples and the Ram and Lakshman Jhula, it is also gaining popularity as an adventure destination owing to the number of adventure sports that are offered here.

What to Expect When You are Hiking to Neer Gaddu Waterfall!

For an avid hiker, just the sounds of a water fall are enticing. They provide encouragement to continue the hike to reach the source of the water fall. As you travel through Rishikesh, there are several waterfalls that you will encounter. Most of these can be accessed only by foot. About 5 kilometres after the Lakshman Jhula is a popular waterfall called Neer Gaddu. Once you manage to hike uphill and reach this destination, you will realize that it was definitely worth the walk. The sound of the water is sure to excite you. Hikers should be prepared for a brisk hike that will include heavy breathing and lots of sweating.

After a distance, you will find a stream of water gushing down the rocks. This is only a part of the Neer Gaddu and the real waterfall is further ahead. Although the hike here is a tiresome one, the sheer beauty and tranquillity of the Neer Gaddu waterfall is sure to make you forget the pains of the journey. You can watch the waterfall for hours and dip your feet in the cold, relaxing water. The Neer Gaddu village is just a few kilometres away from the waterfall.

Interestingly, people of this village tread up and down this hiking path on foot as a part of everyday affairs. You will even find school children who travel this distance every single day!