The Sitting Elephant

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The Sitting Elephant
Rooftop restaurant overlooking River Ganga

Surrounded by hills on three sides with Holy Ganga flowing through it, our roof-top restaurant – 'The Sitting Elephant' is one of a kind theme based restaurant of Rishikesh. The entire décor of the restaurant has been designed keeping in mind the attributes and traits of elephants.

The multi-cuisine roof-top restaurant overlooks the 5km stretch of River Ganga. If you look outside the roof-top restaurant into the mountains across River Ganga, you witness an illusion which depicts an elephant sitting amid nature.

The sitting elephant photo
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    Distinctive Fine Dining Enjoy a delectable meal true to the taste of Rishikesh
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    A Rooftop Restaurant Overlooking River Ganga Find your spiritual self amidst the beautiful natural reserves
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