Triveni Ghat
Swarg Ashram – A Spiritual Abode in Rishikesh

Swarg Ashram which literally translates to Heavenly Abode, is a picturesque ashram located at the foot of the Himalayas. With the holy river Ganga flowing through, it is situated in Rishikesh, very close to the Lakshman Jhula. Swarg Ashram is the place where many yogis and rishis have practised penance. The Hindu puranas have mentioned Swarg Ashram in many areas.

The Objective of Swarg Ashram

The primary objective of this ashram was to provide people with an institution for spiritual betterment. The ashram offers people a pathway to reach devotion and to offer them with solace. Visitors can attain a peaceful state of mind by following the rules and regulations of the ashram that have been set by the Trust Committee.

The ashram also has an Anna Kshetra or a free kitchen. Mahatmas, sadhus and the needy are provided with two meals, every day of the week.

Library and Health Centre

Swarg Ashram has a wide collection of religious and cultural books. The library also contains numerous dailies and periodicals. The ashram provides mahatmas, pilgrims and sadhus with free health care.

The medicines available here are made from the Ganga water, herbs of the Himalayas by specialised Vaidyas which are generally not easily available in other places. Swarg Ashram also provides education which is offered for free to needy and deserving students. For those who wish to make donations to the ashram, a receipt will be provided as acknowledgement. The ashram maintains accounts for all expenditure and income, and is audited every year.