Art & Craft in Mussoorie
Art & Craft of Mussoorie

Since Mussoorie was established by the British as a haven for British elites, the art and craft of the region finds its existence either in Jaunpur tribal belt or excels in creativity of its contemporary residents.

Bamboo (Ringaal) and Cane Work

The outskirts of Mussoorie are full of lush growth of a type of a thin Bamboo, locally known as Ringaal. Ringaal, although not easy to find these days, is mainly used as a versatile object of household use. However, shrubs like Thunlo and Kujjo, an easily found substitute of Ringaal are now used.


The people of the villages immerse the twigs of the Bhimal tree in the rivulets for a few days to soften them and then they peel out the bark resulting in fine fibres, from which they weave netted baskets - known as Kurna; and very strong but soft ropes. Such things can be seen in routine use in villages a few kilometres past the famous Kempty Falls.

Rugs and Woollens

The goats and sheep of the region are splendidly haired and are regularly trimmed to get fine quality fur. The hair of the goats are weaved into durable, thick and warm blankets and cushions while the wool of the sheep is weaved into warm and quality jackets, head gears and mufflers.

Silver and Leather

The Landour area is filled with shops where the expert craftsmen mould silver into intricate pahaari jewellery on order. These jewellers also shine in replicating any design. The art has been handed over to them from generations with skilful brilliance. The many handmade boots and sandals shops is where you can eminent personalities selecting leather for the boots which are hand stitched into stylish yet sturdy fashion accessory.