Triveni Ghat
The Art of Reiki in Rishikesh

Reiki is a very popular and highly effective form of healing that originated in Japan, developed by Master Mikao Usni in the 1920s. Usni is believed to have undergone a strong spiritual transformation and mystical experience upon the sacred Kurama. In India, Reiki and yoga are very popular and you can find many practitioners in Rishikesh, who also offer training.

The practice of yoga and Reiki depend on each other. When you practice yoga, you will find that it increases flow of the Reiki energy considerably. Yoga can help you understand the concept of Reiki in depth. On the other hand, Reiki helps you understand the profound energies of yoga.

The practitioners of Reiki believe that they transfer universal energy (Reiki) through the palms, allowing self-healing and equilibrium. The concept of Reiki revolves around nadis, chakras and the meridians. The energy flows around the person in an energy field called aura. Reiki basically heals the affected parts of energy fields through positive energy.

It increases the vibratory degree of energy field and the physical body, which is attached to negative feelings and thoughts. The positive energy breaks apart the negative energy and heals the energy pathways. After this, it is believed that the life force flows in a natural way, keeping both the mind and body healthy.

Reiki can be performed only by people who are attuned to it. People who perform Reiki believe that it is guided by God consciousness and cannot do any harm. It is said that both the practitioner and the client receive treatment through the positive energy flow. There are numerous centers in Rishikesh that offer Reiki healing. People from all over the world come here for yoga and Reiki therapy since it is believed to be highly effective. In Rishikesh, the practitioners mainly include sadhus and the saints.